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Here we see ideas from Ex­am­ple 4. After the ar­ranged hits in bar 24 there is a har­monic dive-bomb to per­form. Lightly touch the strings over the 5th fret on the third and sec­ond strings and then pluck the strings with the pick. If you re­move your fret­ting hand at the right mo­ment two har­monic notes will ring out. Div­ing the whammy bar down with mul­ti­ple har­mon­ics and dis­tor­tion of­ten pro­vides sur­pris­ing re­sults as the two notes clash. [Bar 27-30] Th­ese re­peat­ing phrase ideas are from Ex­am­ple 11, and the piece fin­ishes with some sus­tained notes in the vein of Ex­am­ples 19 and 20.

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