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[Bars 25-32] Use the fret­ting hand for all the stac­cato chords here (rather than mut­ing with the pick­ing hand), as you’ll get a more con­sis­tent sound. Watch out for the 16th-note pick-up rhythm from F5 to G5 which should follow the snare drum’s rhythm pre­cisely. [Bars 33- 41] This is a com­pos­ite of Moody’s rhythm and the over­dubbed Gm ar­peg­gio. You can play a Gm with­out the ar­peg­gio, but this is a nice fea­ture of the orig­i­nal. The Eb5 and F5 chords will barre the third fin­ger, so if you catch the ma­jor 3rd on the sec­ond string (eg bar 37), it’s fine.

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