Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

[Bars 83-98] As with any ‘off the cuff’ so­los, per­haps use this as a ba­sis or in­spi­ra­tion for your own ideas. There are some nice vin­tage rock tech­niques, such as the Jimmy Page style pen­ta­tonic se­quence in bar 89. Since there’s no le­gato in­volved, it’s good for get­ting your pick­ing pre­ci­sion to­gether. Although this is pri­mar­ily based around Gm Pen­ta­tonic, you’ll also no­tice the oc­ca­sional 9th in­ter­val (the A note) which add colour over the main pro­gres­sion, while tar­get­ing the 5th de­gree of the Dm7 chord in the sec­ond half of the solo.

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