SteVe VAI’S SoLo from 1989 Ver­SIon

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Rock -

[Bars 1- 4] Un­like the orig­i­nal, this has more of a com­posed feel to it. The tech­nique is far more in­volved and should be bro­ken down in stages. The pre-bend tap and re­lease in bar 2 is an EVH style nugget that sounds great in a mod­ern rock sce­nario and of­fers ex­cel­lent cov­er­age of the neck. [Bars 5- 8] Steve’s pen­chant for more ad­vanced melodic flavours takes Moody’s use of the 9th a step fur­ther with the bend­ing lick in the 5th bar. The pinched har­monic can be a lit­tle tricky to hit pre­cisely, so you might need to prac­tise this a few times to get a feel for where the two- oc­tave node is (some­where be­tween neck and mid­dle pick­ups). [Bars 11-12] Steve’s mon­ster tap­ping lick is best viewed as a con­cept, rather than try­ing to recre­ate the tran­scrip­tion note for note. There is an iden­ti­fi­able rhyth­mic group­ing, par­tic­u­larly from the fourth beat tapped G which can eas­ily be trans­ferred over all six strings once you’ve nailed the feel and pulse.

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