Ex­am­ple 9 soul JAM ...CON­TIN­UED

Guitar Techniques - - Play: Chords -

[Bar 27–50: Cho­rus 2] Beats 2 and 4 are im­por­tant ac­cents in the bar and the chords in bars 35 to 38 cash in on this pat­tern. Two good fin­ger­ings for A9 are used (bars 35-37) and in bar 38 the A9 is turned into A13 by fret­ting F# with the fourth fin­ger (first string, 14th fret). The parts in bar 43 to 46 use a clas­sic gospel style idea played in uni­son with the or­gan. Now use the back­ing track to come up with your own soul­fully groovy ideas.

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