Ex­am­ple8 ras­gueado chords

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Ex 8

Fmaj7 11/E Here’s a Span­ish sound­ingc am ras­gueadoi chordmm cc

c se­quence am with im strum­mingc am fol­lowed im by fullc ras­geuadoam strums.i m The last beat of the bar is strummed cc aa mm ii m aa mm ii mm cc aa mm ii mm cc aa mm ii fin­ger­ing in­di­cated. The first E chord is a sin­gle first fin­ger down­wards strum up­wards with the first so it’s ready to strike down again in the next bar. ExEx Ex 88 8

EE Fmaj7 11/E Fmaj7 11/E

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