Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

16th-note mixoly­dian ideas

[Bar 1 (A7 shape #1)] No­tice the pre­dom­i­nance of chord tones (re­lat­ing to A7) in this first ex­am­ple, and how the non- chord tones func­tion in or­der to set them up (ei­ther by lead­ing to chord tones or by cre­at­ing some mo­men­tary ten­sion be­fore be­ing re­solved). This ex­am­ple (and all of the fol­low­ing ones) fea­tures sev­eral chro­matic pass­ing notes (ones not found within the Mixoly­dian scale): in bar 1, an Eb at the end of beat 3 is used to lead to an E at the start of beat 4; in bar 2, an F at the end of beat 2 is used as a chro­matic pass­ing note act­ing as a bridge be­tween and F# and E; and fi­nally, also in bar 2, a C nat­u­ral (mi­nor 3rd against the A root) is used to pass to the C# at the start of beat 3.

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