Ex­am­ple 16th-note mixoly­dian ideas ...cont

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Creative Rock -

[Bar 41 (A7 shape #5)] Much of the melodic ac­tiv­ity here is based around a Gmaj7 ar­peg­gio (G, B#, D, F#), which func­tions as a sus­pended ver­sion of the A7 chord, as the D note (5th of G maj7) is the 4th of A7. The feel­ing of ten­sion is re­solved in the fi­nal notes of bar 42 with the C# and A (3rd and root of A7). There are three chro­matic idea: first, in beat 2 we see F nat­u­ral as a chro­matic bridge link­ing an F# and E; in beat 3 of the same bar, Bb is a link be­tween A and B; and fi­nally, in bar 42, F nat­u­ral is used be­tween the F# at the start of beat 2 and the E at the star of beat 3. Again, don’t let this be ob­scured by the D and C# notes on the fifth string that pro­vide us with the op­por­tu­nity to play a nifty chro­matic suc­ces­sion of de­scend­ing mi­nor 3rd in­ter­vals.

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