Ex­am­ple1 16th-note pick­ing

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Chops Shop -

Think­ing of the four 16th notes in a beat as ‘1 e & a’, play down­strokes on the beat and ‘&’ (the off­beat), and up­strokes on the ‘e’ and ‘a’. Follow the pick­ing di­rec­tions, en­sur­ing that you prac­tise all ex­er­cises with a metronome, play­ing evenly and in time, start­ing off slowly. Try­ing to play th­ese fast, be­fore you can play them slowly and ac­cu­rately, will im­pair your abil­ity in the long run - speed should be a byprod­uct of ac­cu­racy, not the other way around!

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