Get The Tone

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: R&B -

McLaugh­lin's “big amp” would have been de­void of any pre-gain con­trols so he would have been crank­ing it hard to achieve an over­driven sound. The gain con­trol set­ting in­di­cated will al­low you to repli­cate his tone with­out hav­ing to play loud, but you should ex­per­i­ment with your master and gain vol­ume set­tings to find the sweet spot where your amp just be­gins to dis­tort. Se­lect the mid­dle pickup set­ting and roll off your gui­tar’s tone con­trol to tame the up­per fre­quen­cies; to clean up your tone (for chord work, etc) sim­ply back off your gui­tar’s vol­ume pot.

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