Exam­ple4 Mix­ing blues licks with bebop lines

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: R&B -

The dou­ble-stop blues lick in bar 1 pro­vides a strik­ing con­trast to the bebop phras­ing that fol­lows in bar 2. No­tice how both the #11 (E) and per­fect 4th (Eb) have been in­cluded at the start of this lick; this is achieved by su­per­im­pos­ing both the F Melodic Mi­nor (F G Ab Bb C D E) and F Do­rian (F G Ab Bb C D Eb) over the Bb7 chord. Jazz play­ers use this su­per­im­po­si­tion as part of their every­day vo­cab­u­lary so in­cor­po­rate into yours too.

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