Ex­am­ple6 Fi­nal Jam

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: R&B -

This is a jazz blues in tra­di­tional for­mat with two cho­ruses of solo sand­wiched be­tween two state­ments of the 'head' (tune). No­tice how the tune re­lates closely to the changes, even adding ex­ten­sion notes for ex­tra melodic in­ter­est (you may find the #11 on beat one of bar 3 a lit­tle dis­con­cert­ing at first, but once your ears ad­just you’ll love it!). In the solo you’ll no­tice that an A7 ar­peg­gio has been used over E di­min­ished and this is a common jazz sub­sti­tu­tion, cre­at­ing stronger lines than sim­ply fly­ing around a di­min­ished ar­peg­gio.

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