Ex­am­ple6 Fi­nal Jam ...CON­TIN­UED

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: R&B -

Dou­ble time phras­ing has also been in­cor­po­rated on the first II-V in bars 34 and 35. No­tice the use of the Su­per­locrian mode (Al­tered scale) in the sec­ond bar and how the lick re­solves ‘early’ to Bb on the fourth beat. All of th­ese con­cepts take ime to as­sim­i­late into your vo­cab­u­lary so they be­come sec­ond na­ture, but keep prac­tis­ing (and lis­ten­ing) and you will be re­warded by reach­ing another level of im­pro­vi­sa­tional abil­ity.

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