Ex­am­ple7 Hank Mob­ley de­scend­ing whole-tone pat­tern with pass­ing notes

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

Hank Mob­ley takes a four-note group­ing mov­ing down a whole step (with a chro­matic pass­ing note) then a ma­jor 3rd, and moves it down in whole steps (tones) over the II (Dm7) and V (G7) chords be­fore re­solv­ing to I (Cmaj7). What makes this in­ter­est­ing is that, aside from chro­matic pass­ing notes, all of the notes in the first two bars are from the G (or Eb) Whole-Tone scale, but be­cause of the point in the scale at which Mob­ley starts, the first bar is com­pletely ‘inside’ - with all of the notes also in D Do­rian - un­til the fi­nal Eb. The sec­ond bar then gets pro­gres­sively ‘out’ over the G7, but all of the notes can also be seen as chord tones and al­ter­ations of G7.

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