Ex­am­ple6 Michael Brecker short III-VI-II-V-I in C

Guitar Techniques - - Lesson: Jazz -

This short III-VI- II-V- I line in C from the leg­endary tenor sax­o­phon­ist Michael Brecker, be­gins with two four-note mo­tifs im­ply­ing B7 and Em7. Bar 2 gets

pretty ‘out’ as Brecker drifts into the Whole-Tone scale,

us­ing Eb Whole-Tone over the Dm7 which be­comes G Whole Tone on the G7, end­ing up with a de­scend­ing two-note chro­matic fig­ure and fi­nally re­solv­ing to C6 on beat 3 of bar 4.

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