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This fine re­lease kicks off with the driv­ing pulse of Back In The Box, and you’re hooked. The com­plex riffs and arpeg­gios dom­i­nant in the mu­sic of The Smiths are still ev­i­dent, but shifted into a force­ful, dare we say more ef­fec­tive de­liv­ery, with bags of drive and power. There are 11 very ra­dio-friendly songs and the first sin­gle, Easy Money, is get­ting a lot of air­play. If you like that you’ll love the al­bum, as it’s by no means the best track here. We par­tic­u­larly like the riffy and capo’d Dy­namo, where Johnny’s Fen­der Jag gets a great work­out. Marr has never been one for huge so­los but the heavy dis­tor­tion and con­trolled sus­tain on Can­di­date work bril­liantly against the clean, dou­ble-stop riff­ing. The al­bum is beau­ti­fully pro­duced and fea­tures hook-laden, per­fectly crafted songs; it brims with the swag­ger of Brit­pop, hints at the best of the 60s bands and over­flows with Marr’s own fan­tas­tic style - he’s in fine voice too. So for­get whether you loved or loathed The Smiths: this is Johnny Marr on peak form, so buy it!

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