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[Bars 65-69] Switch over to the bridge sin­gle-coil here and turn the echo pedal back on. Adding palm-mutes will take some of the edge off the brighter tre­ble sound - the aim here is to keep your dy­nam­ics even. [Bars 77-end] Here a nifty modal in­ter­change or ‘bor­rowed chord’ trick is used. The Eb is bor­rowed from the par­al­lel tonal­ity of Fm and is thus called a bVII in the key of F ma­jor. It ’s a re­ally common idea that’s used a lot in rock, pop and blues (lis­ten to The Kinks’ sec­ond hit sin­gle, All Day And All Of The Night, for another clas­sic ex­am­ple).

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