Mark knopfler Style part 1 TRACK 4

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: FINGERSTYLE -

Mark Knopfler is one of the best known, ex­clu­sively fin­ger­style elec­tric gui­tar play­ers and we have de­voted two ex­am­ples to him. The first fo­cuses on Mark’s early Dire Straits lead style, which com­bined a snappy clean tone and use of the thumb and first two fin­gers. Po­si­tion your pick­ing hand thumb so it juts across, ad­ja­cent to the strings with the two fin­gers curled up and ready. An­chor­ing the re­main­ing two fin­gers on the pick­guard gives a point of ref­er­ence for the hand and helps with con­trol. All pick­ing di­rec­tions have been no­tated so use them and play the ex­am­ple through slowly a few times.

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