Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 1-18] The open­ing oc­taves should be played nice and neatly with­out any of the open strings ring­ing through. Sug­gested fin­ger­ing for both hands is in­di­cated. The main theme be­gins in bar 5 and I play this in 2nd po­si­tion and in fact the notes lie un­der the hand to stay in 2nd po­si­tion right through to bar 14. A barre is needed on beat 2 of bar 9 and beat 2 of bar 10. The grace notes in bars 12 and 13 are played to­gether with the bass notes and land on the beat. At bar 15 we go up an oc­tave for tonal va­ri­ety and then we have the re­peated bass D notes at 18.

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