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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 28-53] An­other sec­tion be­gins at bar 28 and has a tricky down­wards triplet slur in the melody. Do this slowly at first if nec­es­sary and work on keep­ing the chords short and clear. At bar 35 we get a mid­dle voice com­ing in and also a slightly awk­ward pull-off grace notes in the melody. The one at bar 36 is a bit of a stretch for the fret­ting hand and can be omit­ted if it proves too dif­fi­cult. In 39 there is a bit of a jump for the fret­ting hand from the G# bass note back the A#. At bar 42 beat 2 I add a sec­ond fin­ger twostring barre across the third and fourth strings - the sec­ond fin­ger re­mains on the sec­ond string. Af­ter the em­bel­lished singe line melody in the bars 51-53 we reach the end of the first sec­tion.

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