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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 70 to end] Now we have an ex­act re­peat of the first half but at bar 70 we do not go up an oc­tave – we get the full ef­fect of the ris­ing melody line through the whole phrase. At bar 80 we re­solve back to oc­tave A notes in­stead of E notes and then we con­tinue with some new ma­te­rial. Some lit­tle grace notes ap­pear in the melody from bar 89 – aim to keep th­ese neat and fol­low the fin­ger­ing care­fully in bar 92. The rest of the piece as we near the end is fairly log­i­cal to ap­proach. Iso­late and work on ar­eas that you find prob­lem­at­i­cal be­fore putting the whole thing to­gether.

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