Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: VIDEO -

[Bars 19-20] Here Carl string skips the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic. He uses the first, third and fifth strings of the A-shape E mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic in quick suc­ces­sion be­fore trans­form­ing into a jazz­ier mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic with added 9th line. [Bars 26-28] Here’s a chal­leng­ing pas­sage that rapidly moves through as­cend­ing mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic (and mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic with added 9th) po­si­tions us­ing con­nect­ing slides, cul­mi­nat­ing in a bluesy bent phrase. Take your time with this pas­sage, not only to learn the tech­nique but to un­der­stand the the­ory behind Carl’s note selction. [Bars 31-32] This is rem­i­nis­cent of Wes Mont­gomery’s thumb oc­tave style. It’s based around an E Blues scale, but ev­ery note is dou­bled in oc­taves. Strum with your thumb for a mel­low jazz tone, and mute the in­ter­ven­ing strings with the un­der­side of your fret­ting hand’s first fin­ger.

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