Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: VIDEO -

[Bars 34-36] This is a tricky pas­sage blend­ing mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic string skip­ping with jazzy Do­rian lines. Take your time as it’s a bit of a fin­ger-twis­ter! [Bars 46-48 and 55-57] Noticte how th­ese small chord voic­ings can be played in a more over-ring­ing pop-Latin rhyth­mic fash­ion. Carl uses hy­brid pick­ing for tech­ni­cal flu­ency - see if it works for you too. [Bar 59] Carl makes this lovely Em9/11 chord look easy, but it’s a re­ally stretchy voic­ing. Barre the top two strings at the 5th fret and keep your fret­ting hand as re­laxed as pos­si­ble to avoid in­jury.

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