Ex­am­ple 6 fi­nal jam

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: R&B -

It’s im­por­tant to keep the G# note fret­ted while sound­ing the lower notes of the E7 in the first bar; re­mov­ing your fin­ger will un­wit tingly cre­ate an E mi­norEx 6 chord! FINALBe awareJAM of the riff vari­a­tions that oc­cur in bars 12 and 14, be­fore the B7#9 chord and af­ter the A5. The solo phrases of­ten switch

Ex 6 FI­NAL JAM be­tween mi­nor and ma­jor tonal­ity by in­cor­po­rat­ing the G# at the end of

Ex 6 FI­NAL JAM phrases or sim­ply chang­ing whole­sale be­tween E ma­jor pen­ta­tonic (bars 25 and 26) and E mi­nor en­ta­tonic (bars 27 and 28). No­tice also that the C# is fre­quently added to the E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic when play­ing over A7 chords (bar E7 27). As al­ways, you’ll achieve theD 5/E best re­sults by work­ing through this ex­am­ple slowly, so tackle the solo in man­age­able two or four-bar chunks.

E7 D5/E

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