Jeff Beck Style TRACK 4

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: FINGERSTYLE -

Jeff Beck is an­other iconic gui­tarist who uses fin­ger­style Am to great ef­fect. This ex­am­ple com­bines down picks of the thumb with use of the whammy bar - a real Jeff Beck trade­mark. The first phrase is aug­mented by hit­ting the back of the vi­brato unit with your hand. This will only work on a float­ing sys­tem, as Ex­am­ple - Jeff Beck Style the hit ting mo­tion will mo­men­tar­ily raise the gui­tar’s pitch. The rest of the ex­am­ple com­bines scoops of the whammy bar with le­gato. Jeff is a mas­ter of im­pro­vised phras­ing so once you have the main tech­niques un­der your 0 fin­gers, so to speak, branch out and cre­ate some of your own.

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