Fi­nal Jam TRACK 6

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: FINGERSTYLE -

[Gen­eral] For the fi­nal jam we have cho­sen a 12-bar blues in A as a familiar can­vas to try out some of our fin­ger­style lead ideas. The tone and dex­ter­ity of the fin­gers is great for elec tric blues play­ing - you might be­come ad­dicted! [Bars 1 -14] There is a long two-bar count in to give you time to get ready for the start of the back­ing track. The key sig­na­ture is 12/8, which means there are 12 qua­vers and th­ese are grouped in four lots of three (3+3+3+3). This key sig­na­ture of­ten makes the no­ta­tion look more com­plex than it is, so have a good lis­ten to the demon­stra­tion solo be­fore div­ing in.

The first cho­rus uses a mix­ture of BB King and Eric Clap­ton style phrases, all played with the fin­gers. We haven’t no­tated the ex­act fin­gers to use for the pick­ing, as this solo was im­pro­vised and the main fo­cus was on choos­ing the melody. So ex­per­i­ment and take note of the sound the var­i­ous fin­gers make. [Bars 15 to end] In the sec­ond cho­rus the in­ten­sity builds, so re­ally dig in with the fin­gers. Get­ting un­der the strings makes them ‘pop’ a lit­tle and this sounds par­tic­u­larly ef­fec­tive on the low strings. As ever, branch off and cre­ate your own solo once you have di­gested some of th­ese licks and phrases.

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