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[Bars 1-8] The orig­i­nal ver­sion’s synth intro lasts for a whop­ping 41 bars, so I’ve scaled it back here - you can ex­tend it as you see fit. The feel of the shorter intro is 4/4, although it’s rep­re­sented bet­ter as 2/4 in light of the orig­i­nal that has many cut bars of only two beats. [Bars 9-40] This is a re­ally sim­ple pi­ano ar­range­ment (should your fin­gers get itchy to play). I’ve left the pi­ano on the back­ing as per the orig­i­nal ver­sion, but this will help with the slow and or­ganic intro. [Bars 41-54] Af­ter Roger Dal­trey’s verse, Pete comes in with th­ese pow­er­ful chords based around a straight­for­ward I-V-IV pro­gres­sion. The ma­jor 3rd in the C and Bb chords is more of a happy ac­ci­dent due to the barred third fin­ger, so you’ll no­tice some vari­a­tion through­out. Watch out for your tim­ing (and form) on the C chords at the end of this sec­tion (the in­sis­tent synth on the back­ing track should help keep you in time). [Bars 55-62] Pete sings this plain­tive in­ter­lude sec­tion. Don’t worry if you get lost with the slightly con­fus­ing synth line, as there’s a nice long drum fill to bring you back in again for the next verse.

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