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To tie things up, I have com­posed a solo study in­cor­po­rat­ing all 25 con­cepts in 12-bar blues for­mat. The ideas may not be ob­vi­ously placed, but rest as­sured they are all in there. This form of edit­ing down larger mu­si­cal state­ments is a cru­cial part of es­tab­lish­ing work­able vo­cab­u­lary and should help make your so­los more co­he­sive as a whole. Re­mem­ber that mu­sic works in the same way as gram­mar - the state­ments must make sense and have co­he­sion, not be sim­ply a col­lec­tion of ar­bi­trary ideas stuck to­gether. Have fun... see you soon!

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