ExAmplE2 FaSt triplet lick

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE -

The triplets should be played us­ing strict al­ter­nate pick­ing as in­di­cated. This is no mean feat at 178bpm so you will def­i­nitely need to start slowly and build tempo grad­u­ally (use a metronome for best re­sults). This ex­am­ple il­lus­trates mr Hicks’ im­pres­sive tech­ni­cal prow­ess that is clearly il­lus­trated on the The Hol­lies’ ear­li­est sin­gle re­leases. Tony was one of the most in­di­vid­ual and in­ven­tive play­ers in all the 60s groups.

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