Ten dif­fer­ent scales with ap­pro­pri­ate licks

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ex­am­ple 1: mi­nor penTaToniC (r-b3-4-5-b7) The mi­nor Pentatonic is the most well used scale in the blues as it works over both the dom­i­nant 7 and mi­nor 7 chords. This first ex­am­ple links to­gether three pop­u­lar mi­nor Pentatonic scale fin­ger­ings to cre­ate one use­able pat­tern. GUITARThe lick is TECHNIQUESin the st yle of play­ers2 4 3 like Eric Clap­ton and ex­ploits clas­sic blues tech­niques like string bend­ing and fin­ger slides. Check out the pick­ing di­rec­tions, as some of the notes are plucked with the third fin­ger. This hy­brid pick­ing style adds more tonal colour.

Ex 1 - The Mi­nor Pentatonic Scale Fin­ger­ing

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A5 ex­am­ple 2: ma­jor penTaToniC (r-2-3-5-6) The ma­jor Pentatonic is most use­ful for out­lin­ing the sound of chord I in the ma­jor blues. Many play­ers mix the ma­jor and mi­nor Pentatonic scale to out­line the chords as they go by. The most pop­u­lar trick is to use the mi­nor Pentatonic scale over chords IV and V, and then re­solve to the ma­jor Pentatonic over chord I. This lick again con­tains some hy­brid pick­ing. If you move this whole lick up three frets it will work as an A mi­nor Pentatonic lick. Try it! And remember to shift th­ese shapes in or­der to see how they sound in dif­fer­ent keys.

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