Ten dif­fer­ent scales with ap­pro­pri­ate licks

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ex­am­ple 5: mixoly­Dian moDe (r-2-3-4-5-6-b7) The Mixoly­dian mode is the fifth mode of the Ma­jor scale. It fits per­fectly with dom­i­nant 7 chords as es­sen­tially it’s the Ma­jor scale with its 7th de­gree flat­tened. Most blues gui­tarists will rarely play it as a scale from bot­tom to top se­quen­tially. In­stead melodies are im­pro­vised us­ing string bend­ing and other

3 tech­niques that make the scale come alive. If you pre­fer, you can think of the Mixoly­dian as the ma­jor and mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scales com­bined, but with the b3rd re­moved. This scale fin­ger­ing is nice and easy to play in triplets. The lick uses all of the notes of the Mixoly­dian mode, but breaks them up to give you an idea of how to cre­ate phrase with it.

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