Ten dif­fer­ent scales with ap­pro­pri­ate licks

Guitar Techniques - - BLUES THEORY -

ex­am­ple 6: blues hy­briD sCale (r-2-b3-3-4-b5-5-6-b7) By com­bin­ing the mi­nor and ma­jor Blues scales, this nine-note ‘uber’ blues scale is pro­duced. This scale pro­vides us with a run of six chro­matic notes from the ma­jor GUITAR2nd up to TECHNIQUESthe per fect 5th. The2 4 lick3 ex­ploits this chro­matic run by bend­ing up the run of semi­tone in­ter­vals. Chro­matic notes sound great and add ex tra colour and so­phis­ti­ca­tion and are great at bend­ing the ear.

Ex 6 - The Blues Hy­brid Scale Fin­ger­ing

A5 ex­am­ple 7: Do­rian moDe (r-2-b3-4-5-6-b7) The Do­rian (mode 2 of the Ma­jor scale) sounds great over mi­nor or dom­i­nant 7 chords. Just be care­ful when us­ing Do­rian in a mi­nor blues as it will only work over chord I. The lick show­cases the Ste­vie Ray Vaughan trick of slid­ing into the root note from a semi­tone above. The use of the b2nd in­ter­val as a pass­ing tone is most ef­fec­tive, and would go on to be­come an SRV trade­mark.

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