Ten dif­fer­ent scales with ap­pro­pri­ate licks

Guitar Techniques - - BLUES THEORY -

ex­am­ple 10: The al­TereD Dom­i­nanT sCale (r-b2-b3-3-b5-b6-b7) Blues gui­tarists of­ten ig­nore the chords of the turn­around sec­tion, and choose to force the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic of the root chord to fit it. This can work well, but it is nice to also nail the sound of the V to I cadence. The Al­tered Dom­i­nant scale


Adding Notes to the Pen­ta­tonic Lick Ex­am­ple

D7 is great for play­ing over the V chord, and gui­tarists like Robben Ford and Larry Carl­ton have made a ca­reer out of in­clud­ing such scales in their blues solo­ing. The lick uses the E Al­tered scale to cre­ate a melody over chord V (E7#9#5) and then re­solves to A mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic over chord I.

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