12 bar blues rhythm study piece

Guitar Techniques - - BLUES THEORY -

This will work as a per­for­mance piece that you can use to ac­com­pany a soloist, record with a loop pedal to ac­com­pany your­self, or in a band if you leave out the bass notes (to be cov­ered by the bass player). The Les­lie speaker sound is very ef­fec­tive but will work nicely on acous­tic or elec­tric with­out a Les­lie sound. The piece is played fin­ger­style with the thumb play­ing the bass and the fin­gers

Swing feel


D9 play­ing the chords. From a the­ory point of view, any chord can be pre­ceded by an­other chord a semi­tone away. This ap­proach is used through­out the piece. Any dom­i­nant 7th chord can be sub­sti­tuted for an­other a semi­tone away (tri­tone sub­sti­tu­tion). For in­stance, in bar 12 the E7 is sub­sti­tuted for Bb7 which leads into the A7. The di­min­ished 7ths in bar 16 lead nicely back to the A7.





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