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mi­nor pen­ta­tonic with bridg­ing

Ex­am­ple 1: Let’s begin with our old friend, the mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic scale (A-C-D - E- G). If we look at the intervallic struc­ture, we find tone (two-fret) gaps, be­tween the b7 and root (G-A), the b3rd and 4th (C D) and the 4th to 5th (D E). Our task here is to plug the gap with the chro­matic pass­ing tone, or ‘bridge’, be­tween the two sta­ble Pen­ta­tonic ‘pil­lars’. You can hear ideas of this na­ture in the riffs of Tom Morello and Rage Against The Ma­chine, and the solo­ing style of rock­ers such as Slash, Joe Perr y and Steve orse.

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