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[Bar 157] This lick can be tricky for a fin­ger­style player if you are not us­ing a pick. Aim for as much le­gato (ham­mer-ons, pull-offs, slides) as you can, though be aware that you can pick many of th­ese notes us­ing an al­ter­nat­ing mo­tion be­tween the pick­ing hand thumb (p) and first fin­ger (i). [Bar 161 to end] The fi­nal lick is a real chal­lenge! Per­haps banjo in­flu­enced, its dis­so­nance means you have to get it up to speed just so ev­ery­thing sounds okay! This is a real tour de force of acous­tic play­ing and, con­sid­er­ing that Steve Howe recorded it 46 years ago, is more than a lit­tle im­pres­sive!

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