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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: BLUES -

Oz tends to use Fen­der gui­tars, both Strats and Te­les. Part of his sound is cre­ated by a large num­ber of stomp boxes on his ped­al­board, which he con­stantly tweaks while play­ing. Oz likes to use whacky ef­fects like a ring mod­u­la­tor to take the so­los into the strato­sphere! He favours a Two-Rock as his main amp but is also known to use a Fen­der Hot Rod or Twin Re­verb. We’re aim­ing for a sin­gle-coil sound with a mod­er­ate level of over­drive. I’m us­ing a 1961 maple neck Strat with the neck pickup on, into a Mesa Boo­gie Transat­lantic Amp. I’m also us­ing a Char­lie Stringer wah-wah pedal.

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