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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

Django serves up a per­fect cadence in F (V to I: C7 to F) by re­plac­ing the C7 with its tri­tone sub­sti­tute (Gb7 or F#7). This al­lows him to cre­ate end­ings by imag­in­ing a move from the tonic key, in this case F, with an an­tic­i­pa­tory event a semi­tone higher, Gb (F#). There are dozens of ex­am­ples within the gypsy jazz vo­cab­u­lary, so I’d ad­vise you to stock­pile the ideas you like from what al­ready ex­ists and then add a few of your own in­ven­tion into the mix.

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