1950sExAm­plE1 bluesy ii v i

Guitar Techniques - - DJANGO REINHARDT -

By the 1950s Django’s play­ing had taken on a looser and more bluesy feel, with lots of rhy thmic push­ing and pulling and a su­per-re­laxed ap­proach to chro­mati­cism. This ex­am­ple neatly out­lines the ma­jor ii-V-I se­quence in the key of Bb (Cm7-F7-Bb) in an un­hur­ried and slick way. Although I played acous­tic through­out, th­ese ex­am­ples could just as eas­ily ap­pear within Rein­hardt’s am­pli­fied elec­tric sound.

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