Ex­Am­plE3 D. S. AL CODA

Guitar Techniques - - REPEATS AND DIRECTIONS -

This ex­am­ple shows the D.S. Al Coda struc­ture. play the first sec­tion of the piece as writ­ten; the dou­ble bar-line at the end of bar 5 in­di­cates the end of this sec­tion. At this point you are given two in­struc­tions, D.S. and al Coda. The first part of that di­rec­tion means ‘go to the sign’, which in this case is bar 2 (the or­nate ‘S’ sym­bol). Carry on play­ing un­til the end of bar 3 where you are told Da Coda, which means ‘go to the Coda’; now g o di­rectly to the Coda which is the sep­a­rate s e c ti o n sh own at the end of the piece.

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