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Guitar Techniques - - JOHN DENVER -

[Bar 1] You can use a con­ven­tional pima pick­ing hand pat­tern for this study but you may want to try adding some le­gato (ham­mer-ons and pull-offs) to avoid pluck­ing the same string twice. If you do want to pick ev­ery note try to al­ter­nate pick strokes with dif­fer­ent fin­gers – pick with the first (i) fin­ger first and then the next note on the same string with the sec­ond (m) fin­ger. [Bar 2] An­tic­i­pat­ing what is hap­pen­ing in each bar is es­sen­tial as although we are deal­ing with sim­ple open chord shapes there is move­ment within each chord and so you want to al­ways know where the fret­ting hand fin­gers have to get to next, in each case. [Bar 14] This D chord with F# in the bass (the 3rd of the D ma­jor) is a song­writer’s sta­ple shape! If this one is new to you then com­mit it to mem­ory and trans­pose it to other keys as it crops up all over the place.

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