New Born

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Jon Bishop goes around the cy­cle of 5ths with ever in­creas­ing speed as he per­forms this mod­ern prog master­piece for GT.

New BorN was re­leased as a sin­gle in 2001 and taken from Muse’s multi-plat­inum sell­ing sec­ond al­bum, ori­gin of sym­me­try. The track is a rock ex­trav­a­ganza and, as usual with this great band, fea­tures some fun parts in­clud­ing an ear-grab­bing whammy pedal solo.

as an ad­di­tional treat we have in­cluded an ar­range­ment of the in­tro­duc­tion that you can have a go at on gui­tar. The in­tro­duc­tion was orig­i­nally recorded on elec­tric pi­ano, but play­ing th­ese arpeg­gios on gui­tar works well and pro­vides a nice al­ter­nate-pick­ing study.

The song is in the key of e Mi­nor and uses chords from the har­monised e Nat­u­ral mi­nor scale (e F# Ga B C D). If we har­monise e Nat­u­ral mi­nor we get the fol­low­ing chords: em-F#dim-G-am-Bm-C-D. To strengthen the pull back to e mi­nor, the B mi­nor chord is changed to a B ma­jor. This gives a strong sound­ing, per­fect cadence from B ma­jor (V chord) to e mi­nor (I chord). The only other non-di­a­tonic chord is the Bb di­min­ished 7th, which again is ear-grab­bing, and an un­usual and sub­tle ad­di­tion for a heavy rock song.

The main riff is per­formed us­ing drop D tun­ing, which adds ex­tra depth to the sound and makes the power chord part eas­ier to play (see Tech­nique Fo­cus). The power chords in the riff are linked to­gether with chro­matic pas­sages and this gives the riff its par­tic­u­larly strik­ing and typ­i­cally Muse-like char­ac­ter.

From a tempo point of view the song is quite fast and just keeps get­ting faster. The open­ing pi­ano sec­tion is at 146bpm and this tran­si­tions into the gui­tar riff, which moves up a gear to 153bpm. To up the ex­cite­ment even more, the tempo moves up to 156bpm for the fi­nal sec­tion of riffs.

The 153bpm tempo makes the 16th-note (semi­qua­ver) strum­ming pat­tern in the verse quite a chal­lenge to play con­sis­tently, and this is a good test of your stamina. a good tip is to keep the strum­ming hand go­ing, even in the gaps be­tween strik­ing the strings.

In ad­di­tion to our usual au­dio ver­sion of the whole song, you’ll find a back­ing track with all the tran­scribed gui­tar parts re­moved so you can play along un­til the ‘muse’ takes you. and as it’s such a great num­ber we thought real bass and drums were a must. so many thanks to Pete ri­ley for record­ing and per­form­ing the drums and to Pat Hughes for pro­vid­ing the bass. Have fun!

I think New Born is one of our fa­vorite tracks off Ori­gin Of Sym­me­try. It is a great live track

Chris Wol­sten­holme, Muse

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