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Nev talks about this is­sue’s main fea­tures.

WE OF­TEN GO on about play­ing ‘in­ter­vals’, or ‘tar­get­ing chord tones’? We do it be­cause it’s a fine way of out­lin­ing the chords be­neath a solo and giv­ing it ‘shape’. Well, you’ll see a lot of it in the mag­a­zine this month. Ja­son will tell you all about John Wheatcroft’s ‘Django Le­gacy’ but, es­sen­tially, back in those days so­los were ALL about chord tones and noth­ing about blast­ing a scale or two through the mid­dle of them which is, with­out putting too fine a point on it, what a lot of blues and rock play­ers do.

My fo­cus here though, is on Jon Bishop’s look at nail­ing the in­ter­vals within a blues con­text. The les­son’s pay-off is six so­los where Jon shows ways to tar­get spe­cific in­ter­vals - 9th, 3rd, 7th etc - with a fi­nal piece where he mixes them up to cre­ate a solo that shows just why we should all get in on this par­tic­u­lar act. Although the les­son is built around 12-bar blues so you hear all in­ter­vals in the same con­text and there­fore the dif­fer­ences in their sound, the con­cept ap­plies to any style.

I men­tioned the Django era and a mu­sic form whose star was on the rise when an­other’s was wan­ing. I’m talk­ing about rag­time. There are re­ally close ties be­tween early blues, New Or­leans jazz and rag­time. And while pi­anist Scott Jo­plin al­ways springs to mind when dis­cussing the genre, a host of amaz­ing rag­time gui­tarists also jumped pretty quickly on the wagon. Some were fright­en­ing tech­ni­cians, too.

Our old friend Tris­tan Seume has put to­gether a stunning rag­time les­son that will ap­peal to all fin­ger­style lovers. He looks at the tech­niques used to play this en­dear­ing style and of­fers some fan­tas­tic work­outs for you to try. Thank­fully it’s not all Blind Blake and Rev Gary Davis level - pretty much any­one will be able to have a go. But of course it wouldn’t be right to ig­nore those that DO have the chops to re­ally get pick­ing, so there’s some tricky stuff in there for you too.

Muse are mas­sive th­ese days, and Matt Bel­lamy is now a true gui­tar star. With Matt and the band hit­ting the road again we thought we’d tab a track: the amaz­ing New Born from their huge sell­ing al­bum, Ori­gin Of Sym­me­try. Do en­joy it!

And I’ll see you soon.

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