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This month Andy Saphir mixes a few arpeg­gios into the stock - choice cuts to help make your so­los sound beefier and with a whole lot more taste.

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Andy Saphir starts a new mini-se­ries on how arpeg­gios can beef up your so­los.

Us­ing arpeg­gios can trans­form your lead play­ing by adding a melodic, non scalic ap­proach to licks and lines. an arpeg­gio in this con­text, is lit­er­ally play­ing the in­di­vid­ual tones of a chord one af­ter the other in a melodic frame­work, rather than fret­ting a block chord. Be­cause of this, it is nec­es­sary to ul­ti­mately learn many dif­fer­ent ded­i­cated arpeg­gio ‘shapes’, but when you’ve learned some, and learned some tricks as to how they can be ef­fec­tively used, a whole new world of sonic pos­si­bil­i­ties can open up.

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