In his quest to cover mu­sic from ev­ery era, this month Martin Cooper checks out Joe Sa­tri­ani’s clas­sic rock ap­proach in su­per­group Chickenfoot.

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Martin Cooper high­lights Joe Sa­tri­ani’s style with rock out­fit Chickenfoot.

ChiCkenfoot are one of the more re­cent and gen­uine su­per­groups. for those that aren’t familiar, they were formed af­ter Van halen singer Sammy hagar and bass player Michael an­thony parted ways with the Van halen broth­ers. hagar and an­thony had been jamming from time to time with red hot Chili Pep­pers drum­mer Chad Smith at hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mex­ico. from th­ese jam ses­sions, the three of them de­cided to form a proper band, and en­listed the con­sid­er­able tal­ents of gui­tar leg­end Joe Sa­tri­ani. they re­leased their epony­mous de­but al­bum in 2009, and em­barked upon a world tour that left its mark on some of the band mem­bers; at Lon­don’s fa­mous Shep­herd’s Bush em­pire, while de­mol­ish­ing his drum kit at the end of the set, Smith threw a drum into the air, hit­ting hagar on the head, which caused the singer to need stitches!

a sec­ond al­bum fol­lowed in 2011, fol­lowed by an­other tour with drum­mer Kenny Aronoff fill­ing in for Chad Smith when he was needed for the red hot Chili Pep­pers al­bum and tour. there are of­ten ru­mours of a third al­bum, with Sa­tri­ani adding fuel to the fire re­cently sug­gest­ing that they would prob­a­bly begin record­ing at some point in the fu­ture, once they all find the time in their hec­tic sched­ules to re­vive the band.

the group has been a con­sid­er­able suc­cess, with both al­bums reach­ing the top 10 in amer­ica, and the de­but al­bum also break­ing into the top 30 in the Uk. Sa­tri­ani joked that he fi­nally has some com­mer­cial suc­cess, al­beit as a rhythm gui­tar player!

in­evitably hagar has been asked who is the bet­ter gui­tarist be­tween Sa­tri­ani or ed­die Van halen, and although he diplo­mat­i­cally lauded the tal­ents of both, he has stated that Joe finds it eas­ier to fit into a band and leave space for vo­cal melodies and lyrics, which he prefers.

the songs on the Chickenfoot al­bums draw in­flu­ence from the likes of Led Zep­pelin, The rolling Stones, Mon­trose and, per­haps not sur­pris­ingly, Van halen.

this month’s track is in the key of G Ma­jor (G-a-B-C-D-e-f#) and fea­tures some clas­sic rock chords and riffs, with Satch-meets-Van­halen melodic phras­ing on the rhythm part. the solo has typ­i­cal Sa­tri­ani traits such as not start­ing on the first beat of the bar with lead lines, adding an­tic­i­pa­tion to the phrases and cre­at­ing space in the same way that Brian May does. there are some bluesy Pen­ta­tonic licks mixed in with some fast le­gato and tap­ping sec­tions, end­ing with a hy­brid picked line that nods to­wards C Ly­dian (C-D-e-f#-G-a-B) over the C chord.

The solo has typ­i­cal Sa­tri­ani traits such as not start­ing on the first beat of the bar with lead lines, and cre­at­ing space.

Joe Sa­tri­anl with Sammy Hagar and 24 fret Ibanez gui­tar

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