The ul­ti­mate mo­bile metronome?

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Pro MetronoMe is a cool new de­vice that might well come in handy for iwatch (or an­droid watch)-wear­ing mu­si­cians on the move. it fo­cuses on a sleek, user-friendly ex­pe­ri­ence al­lied to ac­cu­rate time­keep­ing. Key fea­tures in­clude ad­justable time signatures, sub­di­vi­sions, polyrhythm, a rhythm trainer, stage mode and prac­tice mode. cus­tomi­sa­tion is pos­si­ble, al­low­ing the user to mod­ify sounds, ac­cents and even the dy­nam­ics of the beat it­self. You can cre­ate com­plex pat­terns with triplets, dot­ted notes and non-stan­dard time signatures. Pro Metronome also sup­ports a host of sec­ondary fea­tures: back­ground play mode, in-app vol­ume ad­just and the abil­ity to save song/tempo playlists to share with other mu­si­cians.

the app sup­ports sev­eral ways to ex­pe­ri­ence beats. a free ver­sion of the app in­cludes sound, but up­grad­ing to Pro en­ables Vis­ual, Flash, Vi­brate and airplay Modes – handy for when you’re play­ing loud in­stru­ments or when you need to re­ally feel the beat. Flash mode uses the de­vice’s cam­era flash to sync up the en­tire band eas­ily. You can use airplay mode to beam the metronome to a pro­jec­tor or ap­ple tV.

the rhythm trainer can mute a se­lected bar in the beat, al­low­ing your brain to fill in the gap and thus train your in­nate sense of tim­ing. it’s a sim­ple idea not found in any other app to date.

the Pro ver­sion costs just $2.99, so surely this must be a no-brainer for gui­tarists with iwatches or the like! Visit ap­ple’s app store for fur­ther de­tails.

Change your watch into a metronome!

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