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This month’s lick is a sim­ple but use­ful idea in which the notes ideal to use when­ever you want to add some chordal flavour of the A Blues scale (A-C-D-Eb-E-G) have all been har­monised and depth to your lines. This par­tic­u­larly ap­plies if you are us­ing mi­nor tri­ads. This can also be seen as be­ing har­monised the only har­mony in­stru­ment in the band. The line here has as par­al­lel ma­jor 6th chords. To ex­plain: if, for in­stance, you har­monised ev­ery note of the A Blues scale, plus the pass­ing take the note of A – 5th fret, first string - you can see it has note of G#. Pick, fin­ger­style or hy­brid will all work fine here. been har­monised us­ing the notes A-F#-C# - the b3-1-5 of F# Imag­ine that you are recre­at­ing a brass sec­tion type line and mi­nor, or the 1-6-3 of A6. It doesn’t re­ally mat­teFrUwNKhiYchCwHaOyRDALaLimICKto make the chord hits as groovy as you can - pay­ing you view the the­ory – the fact is that it works great and is close at­ten­tion to all the muted notes and slides through­out.

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