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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: THEORY -

This fret­board di­a­gram fea­tures six hor­i­zon­tal cir­cled num­bers that rep­re­sent the six strings (low to high, left to right) and the ver­ti­cal chord num­bers are five frets any­where on the fret­board. The num­bers in the cir­cles show the note in­ter­vals sit­u­ated around a com­mon six-string barre chord, sixth string root. For ex­am­ple, this could be viewed as the note in­ter­vals around the A ma­jor or A mi­nor chord shapes played at the 5th fret. The first line of cir­cled num­bers (7, 3,6, 9, #4/b5, 7) are those in­ter­vals found at the 4th fret, as re­lated to an A barre chord. It’s a pow­er­ful vis­ual source; wher­ever you place the R (root) on the fret­board (with the two R’s on the sixth and first strings at the 5th fret to make an A chord), all th­ese in­ter­vals will then fall into place around them.

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