ExAmPLE1: Root biased solo­inG

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: THEORY -

This first ex­am­ple is a good demon­stra­tion of us­ing the root note (G, shown with a squared R above the tab) as a home base to start and fin­ish phrases. The root can also be tar­geted for use on the strong beats within a phrase. Great blues­man like BB King favour tar­get­ing the root nNotAe thYeOir it is easy to hear the in­flu­ence here. The high root note punc­tu­a­tion point in bar 8 is a BB trade­mark and is most ef­fec­tive. This ex­am­ple was per­formed with a clean tone and a fin­ger­style pick­ing ap­proach, but this part will

with the pick, should you wish.

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