Ex­Am­PLE3: taR­Get­inG the 3Rd

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: THEORY -

This third ex­am­ple tar­gets the 3rd and uses the whammy bar to aug­ment the phrases in a Jeff Beck style fash­ion. When play­ing over chord I (G7) the ma­jor 3rd (B) can be used to help state the ma­jor tonal­ity. When play­ing over chord IV (C73) the mi­nor 3rd can be used, (Bb) as the Bb func­tions as the mi­nor 7th of C7. This switch­ing be­tween the ma­jor and mi­nor 3rd in the blues is a clas­sic trick and is great for help­ing the phrases to fit the chords. Pluck­ing all the notes with the thumb pro­vides a fat tone and the whammy bar adds an ex­pres­sive qual­ity to the notes.

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